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Is your Check Engine light on?We Can Help! Certified Computer Diagnostics   *   Diagnostics on All Foreign & Domestic Cars
All modern vehicles are equipped with an onboard computer diagnostic system (OBDII) that constantly monitors your vehicle's major operating systems and most importantly the power-train (engine and transmission). The main purpose of monitoring these systems is to insure that the vehicle is operating at top efficiency with the lowest possible emissions. As fuel economy and emission control has become increasingly important and complex, your vehicle's electronics systems need to constantly adjust and fine-tune various parameters according to driving conditions (such as vehicle load, temperature, and air/fuel mix to name just a few). When the computer reads that any of these parameters do not fall within the acceptable range for operating the vehicle, your
is lit to warn you that you may have a serious problem and to take your vehicle to your trusted local repair shop.
non-flashing but lit CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, is usually a less severe problem that shouldn't cause immediate problems but needs to be checked as soon as possible, and a
flashing and illuminated CHECK ENGINE LIGHT means your vehicle senses a critical system error (such as a major cylinder misfire ) and you need immediate attention before potentially breaking down and possibly damaging other critical and expensive parts. In this case, continuing to drive can lead to further damage rather quickly or can leave you stranded.
It's important that you have your braking system inspected once a year.
Your brake system is a critical safety feature in your car, truck or SUV. Annual inspections and proper maintenance are important in order to ensure your safety and to avoid costly and hazardous failures to the brake system.
If you notice any of the signs of possible brake failure—squealing, grinding, other unusual noise when you apply the brakes, a brake pedal that can be depressed nearly to the floor, a brake warning light that stays lit—have your brake system checked out as soon as possible
Air Filters

Clean Air is better. A clean Air Filter helps your car to perform better.You may need a new filter every couple of months, if you do a lot of rural driving; while the city driver might go a year or more between changes.
A typical air filtration replacement service includes:
  • Replacement of the air filter, to improve gas mileage, engine performance and acceleration.
  • Replacement of  the breather element, to help keep contaminants out of the engine oil.
  • Replacement of the PVC Valve, to reduce fumes, air pollution and wear on engine parts.
We care about your safety!
Since Tires and brakes play a large role in vehicle safety, it is important to know when they need replacing. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind so you may know when to replace your tires and brakes.
                                       Tire Tread Depth         Brake Pad Thickness
Good                                     more than 9/32"              more than 7mm
May need attention                 more than 5/32"              between 3-6mm
Immediate attention required    less than 4/32"                less than 3mm
Inspect Fluid levels - Check Steering, suspension, tires,brakes, battery & wiper blades, check exhaust, undercarriage, lightning systems, belts & hoses
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